Dental and Craniofacial Diagnostics in Krakow

CT Scans, X-ray

We offer high quality diagnostics using technologically advanced equipment and AI algorithms for accurate results.

No appointment required - each scan takes only a few minutes.

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Pantomogram + AI report

80 zł

X-ray scan showing the entire jaw and teeth in a single large image. It is often used by dentists to assess oral health and plan treatments.

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90 zł

X-ray scan that helps understanding the shape and dimensions of the face and the position of the teeth. It is primarily used in orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. 

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Maxilla CT Scan

180 zł

Advanced imaging examination that creates a 3D view of the bones and tissues of the face. It allows doctors to see the structure of the jaw and teeth in detail.

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Sinus CT Scan

270 zł

3D imaging that provides detailed views of the sinus cavities around the nose. This helps doctors to accurately diagnose conditions and plan appropriate treatment.

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Exceptional Quality

We guarantee exceptional quality in both 3D and 2D diagnostics.

Our radiological images feature exceptionally high resolution - up to 75 microns, allowing doctors to make much more accurate diagnoses of your potential health issues.

AI algorithms assist us in providing the highest quality of your examination.

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krystalicznie czysty obraz zdjecie 2krystalicznie czysty obraz zdjecie

Innovation in Radiology

Thanks to advanced equipment and software, we offer our patients the following innovations:

  • AI Insights is a modern software that uses AI algorithms to analyze your panoramic X-ray and provides a clear report, highlighting potential health issues.
  • Positioning Assistant (AI, video) ensures that your examination is performed correctly.
  • MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction) minimizes the negative impact of metallic artifacts (e.g., from orthodontic devices) on the quality of X-ray images.

Wyrafinowane innowacje

Dzięki tomografowi CS 9600 dostarczamy obrazowanie, które nie tylko jest ostrzejsze i bardziej szczegółowe, ale także przewyższa możliwości starszych urządzeń.

Dzięki innowacjom takim jak asystent pozycjonowania na żywo, kamery wideo i sztuczna inteligencja (AI), CS 9600 od razu zapewnia doskonałe wyniki bez nadmiernego wysiłku.

System rejestruje parametry każdego pacjenta, dzięki czemu obrazowanie kontrolne można powtórzyć jednym dotknięciem.

Funkcja CS MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction) znacząco minimalizuje negatywny wpływ artefaktów metalicznych, takich jak aparat ortodontyczny lub implant, umożliwiając uzyskanie klarownego obrazu nawet w sytuacjach, które zwykle byłyby problematyczne.

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We prioritize your health and convenience, which is why we offer various options to access your test results.

Every patient receives their examination results online, providing quick and easy access from anywhere. If you prefer physical copies, we can also provide your results on a USB drive or CD.

Choose the option most convenient for you and enjoy our professional service, ensuring every detail is taken care of.

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